Called St. Helloise, she was a commoner in service to the House of Rinaldi. She was nurse to the dying Don when he became Illuminated by the Eternal Light. She wrote down the teachings that he dictated; collectively known as Le Temoin.

She went on to perform miracles of healing, including reviving the dead. Triskellian was struck with a virulent plague and she exhausted herself going from house to house, curing the afflicted. After days of this, she stopped in the street and prayed for the city to be cured. A blinding light and a pure white figure came and took her into the Heavens. At that same instant, everyone who was sick, was cured and thereafter, no one else got the plague.

The site of this miracle became the Cathedrale de Temoin. Images of St. Helloise and her miracles decorate the church.

The entire Rinaldi court converted that day. Later, both the Avoirdupois and Bisclavret Houses also converted. Recently, the ruling Doloreaux House has also converted.


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