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  • Doloreaux

    The Doloreaux is a porcine house. While many Doloreaux give lip service to [[S'allumer]], most are open [[Lutarists]]. They get much of their wealth from the mines, both mineral and gem, in the [[Rothos Mountains]]. They control the city of [[Bruges]].

  • Avoirdupois

    Avoirdupois is an equine (horse) house. They rely upon their fast moving knights to control the martial field. They have, reportedly, the longest recorded history on [[Calabria]]. They are ardent followers of [[S'allumer]]. Their government uses the …

  • Bisclavret

    The Lupine house of Bisclavret is doing its best to forget its origins as a clan of the Phelan. They are the first to adopt any technology of warfare, including the latest in guns and mercenaries. The money for these advances come their extensive lumber …

  • Phelan

    This is more of a society rather than a single house. These semi-barbaric lupine clans control the forests and fields north of their cousins the [[Bisclavret]]. [[Atavists]] are frequently seen in these lands and many young warriors leave Phelan territory …