Cup of Helloise

pottery goblet


A simple pottery goblet, suitable to a commoner. This cup is glazed white, marked with three blue scallop shells, symbol of the Rinaldi House.


Helloise served as nurse to the dying Don of the Rinaldi and the teachings that he dictated to her became the basis for the S’allumer, or ‘illuminated’, religion. The cup was used by her in her last days as she tried to cure [[]]of the plague that was sweeping through it. It was considered to be a holy relic by the Church and was held for a time in the Cathedrale de Temoin in Triskellian; itself built upon the site of her final sacrifice and ascension.

It disappeared during the wars between the Rinaldi and Doloreaux. Until a scholar cleric in the Cathedrale found some letters in the archives it was believed almost to be a myth.

Object of the adventures Cup Quest, Lost Cup & Stolen Cup.

Cup of Helloise

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