Warwick the Sinister

Warwick is a huge wolverine Cavalier known for going unarmored into battle.


Race: Wolverine   Habitat: (Cold) Forest   Sense: Smell

Body: D12,D4   Speed: D10   Mind: D8   Will: D8

Height: 21 Hands   Weight: 15 Stone

Dash: 10 Paces   Stride: 2 1/2 Paces

Lift Bonus: +7   Strength: D12, D6   Magic Points: 8

Racial Die: D4, with Digging, Resolve, Stealth, Tracking, Brawling (Claws)

Cavalier Career Die: D12,D4, with Heraldry Lore, Riding, Shield, Sword

Scholar Career Die: D4, with Ciphering, Literacy, Lore (Heroes), Magniloquentia


Resolve (While Heroic): D12,D4

Intimidate (In Combat): D4

Shield (Foot Melee): D4

Sword (When Heroic): D4

Spear (Lance): D4

Brawling (Claws): D4

Ettiquette: D4

Dodge (Ranged): D4

Literacy (Notices): D4

Haggling (Getting Paid): D4

Observation (Movement): D12, D4

Carousing (Function Under The Influence): D6

Animal Handling (My Animals): D6

Gifts: Claws 1, Teeth 1, Gift of Nobility 1,  Increased Trait 4, Extra Profession 3, Possessions 2, Extra Block 5xp, Extra Parry 5xp, Gift of Strength 10xp

Flaws: Curious 3, Foe (Rare, Strong) 2, Garrulous 1, Heroic 3, Stubborn 1

Current Self Improvement: Stealth 1, Intimidate 3, Heraldry Lore 1, Riding 1, Sword 2, Brawling 1, Literacy 2, Ciphering 2, Cartography 2, Carousing 2, Gift of Strength+2-11 of 15, Mind D10-9 of 20

Intended Self Improvement:  Gift of Strength +3 (10), Knighthood (5), Reputation: Hero (Common, Strong 20), Robustness (Var), Will D10 (20)


13 Aureals, 66 Denarii, Destrier (Guardian), 2 Mastiffs (Watch (M) & Ward (F)), 1/2 Stone Sword, Full Stone Sword (Back-up), Heater Shield, Good Tunic, Backpack, Whetstone, Travel Blanket, Fire Kit, Metal Mug & Fork, Paper, Ink & Quills, Silver Holy Symbol (S'allumer), Bandages, Ointment, Manacles, Travel Grub, 2 Books of Green & Purple Magic, 2 Books of Helloise (1 cut, incomplete)

Companions: Celeste, Fox Bandit (Squire), Blanche, Fox (Occasional Partner)

Contacts: Sister ?, Cleric of S'allumer, Influence with Captain Gerard (Avoirdupois Constable for Lord Marcus)

Favor Owed: Triskellian Apothecary/Homeopath, worth 10 D, Felippe at the Academy owes a paper on the Cup of Helloise

References: Letters of Recommendation from Lady Carlotta, Celola diBellevoisin, & Pierre D'Irene. Letter of Commendation as a Worthy Citizen from the City of Triskellian


Warwick came to Triskellian as a young cavalier to make something of himself, as well as escape his enemy, an elk noble named Sir Dexter Dexter. He has been wildly successful, so much so that he is considering approaching Don Rinaldi about becoming a knight in the lord's service.

Warwick is almost an entourage, not only owning a destrier and two mastiffs, but having recently acquired a squire. He is often found in the company of other adventurers in the city, most of whom think he is somewhat crazy for refusing the protections of armor in combat. However, they have also seen him cleave enemies in twain, and know him for a fierce combatant who asks no quarter, though he does offer it.

Warwick is left-handed, making his moniker a physical and not social one. He's actually quite the gallant, rescuing ladies and holy artifacts, treating his animals well, and even trying to redeem people – his new squire Celeste was offered the job after being one of a bandit crew who'd tried to rob him. He writes letters home to his mother (it is widely believed he is the bastard child of a wolverine Marquis). It is known he is constantly working to better himself, having the curious notion that a cavalier should be as accomplished off the battlefield as on it.

Warwick has cash flow issues, and continues to search for paid work in a number of ways. He does occasional bounty hunting work, but only goes after those he deems actual villains – petty thieves and tax evaders have little to fear from Warwick. He also does occasional hunting to provide food for himself and his animals, but he's not good at it – while he is excellent at spotting game, his best attempts at bringing it down usually involve throwing rock. As a result, he often has to resort to buying food in the markets of Triskellian.

Warwick is often found camping outside the city, to save money and prevent arguments about his bringing a destrier into the city proper, although Triskellian is slowly becoming accustomed to the fact that Guardian actually does seem to listen to him, and hasn't savaged anyone outside of actual combat.

Warwick is one of those who enjoys life. He likes to drink, and spends a lot of his nights with women his physique attracts and his manner enchants. He is careful not to sleep with his own kind – Warwick refuses to have children outside marriage, given his own experiences with bastardy.

Warwick is curious about everything in the world. A publicly posted notice is like a magnet for his eyes, and a mystery requires at least investigation, if not necessarily solution. He has spent many an hour poring over the books in his possession, reading haltingly of Helloise and trying without success to puzzle out the symbols in the magical books he has acquired, exploring the mysteries of existence itself.

The enmity between Dexter and Warwick dates back to their childhood, Dexter the actual noble child that Warwick could only dream of being. Things came to a head when Warwick slept with Dexter's fiancee, and while Warwick didn't flee his hometown, he didn't tarry long, either. 

Warwick the Sinister

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