Don Fabrizio de Rinaldi

The head of the Rinaldi family, and sole survivor of the Don's line


Red Fox Ruler

gifts: claws, teeth, keen ears Nobility (5 points – He’s the Don)

Flaws: Foe (rare, strong) Amalsand Jakoba Dread (rare, extreme) black magic


This red fox was the younger son of the previous Don de Rinaldi, by the Don’s first marriage. A little time after the Don’s second marriage, both the Don and his older son were dead in a gruesome fashion, while the younger son, Fabrizio, was missing.

The Don’s second wife, never a popular vixen (especially after the rumors of Black Magic), left the city quickly. Some adventurers found Fabrizio and restored him to ruling the Rinaldi, and Triskellian.

Currently, Fabrizio is engaged to Baroness Enaid. There has not yet been a date set for the nuptials.

Don Fabrizio de Rinaldi

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