IC Con campaign

Squirrel Hunt

Boris wants us to find moose & squirrel

An odd squirrel was robbing rich travellers north of Triskellian. Constable Boris, a short, squat rat, was assigned to handle the matter. Since Triskellian constables have little to no authority outside of the city, he mostly gathered information and waited for some bounty hunter or other to get authorization to pursue the bandit to claim the reward. The description that Boris had was of a short squirrel wearing an odd leather cap, with a flap on either side. There was something odd about the squirrel but no one had been able to quantify that oddity.

Those who had been robbed had all been wealthy and most of them had been merchants. Upon questioning those who had been robbed, our brave adventurers got a brief description of what happened during the robberies. The squirrel had suddenly appeared, demanded money & then the merchants went to sleep. When they awoke, their valuables had been stolen.

Upon confronting the bandit, they learned that he did not work alone. A moose assisted him, as did a pair of rangers, a horse and an ape.



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