Ironclaw is a game by Sanguine Publishing. I run games at local cons, that are meant to at least more or less hang together as one campaign. The races are anthropomorphic animals. Players choose race and career, then gifts, flaws and skills on a 20-point buy system.

So far, the game has been on the island continent of Calabria, mostly in the largest city, Triskellian. The Rinaldi family still rules Triskellian but much of it is controlled by the guilds. The S’allumer Church is very powerful, as well, with its largest cathedral located in the city.

The other three powerful families on the continent are the Doloreaux, Avoirdupois & Bisclavret. The Phelan and the Chevernaise societies both control large tracts of territory, even if they are not politically powerful.

There are some biology notes, regarding reproduction, wool and milk, that are part of my campaign that are not necessarily canon. Mammals, birds and some reptiles are sentient; therefore meat, and other ‘animal’ products come from vermin and dinosaur-like creatures, some of which have feathers. Milk comes from one variety of feathered ‘saur; an adapted oil gland used to feed their young. Wool comes from a type of large caterpillar-like creature, usually herded by the Phelan.

Like their real-world counterparts, most species cannot interbreed. Horses and donkeys can produce offspring together but such are usually sterile and produce no further offspring. Dogs, coyotes and wolves can intermingle, as can lions and tigers. Inter-species marriages rely upon adoption to continue the family line or name.

IC Con campaign

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